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COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Support Page

Learning how to cope with coronavirus is a challenge to each and every one of us. We are all in this together but it can still feel like a very isolating and troubling time.


Whilst the majority of people will come through this pandemic physically unharmed many people will struggle with coping day-to-day and may come out of the experience psychologically scarred.


As such the below resources have been complied by Alan Hebben-Wadey to offer advice and support on how to cope with these unprecidented times and to survive and even thrive during periods of self-isolation and social distancing.


All resources and links are from third parties and due credit and acknowledgement is given to their intellectual property and generosity of time and spirit in providing them.


Please feel free to share these resources with loved ones or send links to this webpage. Further information will be added over the coming weeks to continue to offer support.


  • Free online workshop on how to manage all aspects of COVID-19



  • Coping with COVID-19 using and Acceptance & Commitment (ACT) Framework




  • General Guidance on Self-Care

FACE COVID - How to respond effectively to the Cor Coronavirus and Self Care.pdf (1)