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Dr Alan Hebben-Wadey BSc Msc DClinPsy CPsychol

Clinical Psychologist


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By guest, Dec 12 2017 11:10AM

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Mr K

"As time has gone on since I saw Alan last, I have really begun to see how much I have moved forward in a positive way. I feel he helped me to accept a lot of the issues instead of my first response to try and get rid of them or fight them. By accepting anxious situations, has over repetition allowed me challenge those anxious thoughts. The result is that more often than not now I am able to deal with the anxiety, and curtail it from developing into a big attack.


One of my biggest challenges personally was to get used to talking about myself and deep feelings that I had been scared to tell anyone - especially someone I didn't know. However I do feel comfortable talking with Alan about these without the fear of judgment."


Ms A

"After having a serious accident, I had to take 3 months off work and move back home to be cared for.  I normally have a very active outdoor career in a highly stressful environment, so the change in lifestyle through my recovery was quite a contrast to my normal life.  I had never been aware of any issues with my mental health and had always thought of myself as a very stable level headed person.  Totally out of the blue one night during my recovery I had what I can only describe as a panic attack.  It was a terribly frightening experience and over the next few days things spiralled out of control and I started to completely loose touch with reality.  I had very intrusive repetitive thoughts that I could not stop thinking and worrying about.  


Despite a huge amount of support from my friends and family I very quickly decided I needed to speak to a professional.  I found Alan's website on the internet and arranged a meeting within a day.  Very quickly I was made to feel relaxed and found Alan very easy to talk to.  We spoke about everything and I asked lots of questions about things that were concerning me... over these meetings I came to realise that I had to accept that I had had a very serious accident which I had basically denied up until that point.  I also had to accept that whatever has happened has happened and I can't go back in time and wish it hadn't, but instead of worrying about it, I should learn from it.


I had always been very dismissive of mental health issues and had never in a million years thought I would need to see a professional about anything related to mental health.  But it happened to me and I was lucky that Alan gave me the professional guidance that I needed.  As it happened I have not looked back, I went from strength to strength and can honestly say that the whole experience has been a huge learning curve.  I have a whole new respect for the brain and for mental health, and have tried to make sure I take mental wellness and well as physical wellness into account in my everyday lifestyle.


I was lucky enough to have a fantastic support network of friends and family, but Alan was the professional body that was totally independent, which in the end was what I needed to allow me to put everything into perspective and to put some closure on the whole experience."